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Our solutions are carefully engineered to compliment your vision and accommodate your business model for maximum efficiency, collaboration, and effectiveness. If the solution doesn’t fit, we don’t recommend it.

There are many companies similar to ours that offer a plethora of solutions to produce more opportunities to generate revenue. However, the solutions we offer at RealmConnect are built around you, the customer. Sure; we are always open-minded to growing partnerships with new vendors, but it is a staple at RealmConnect that we ensure we are always able to provide exceptional value and service rather than being a stretched with many services and shallow in support. Our technicians, engineers, and representatives are well-versed, trained, experienced, and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that all solutions offered at RealmConnect are deeply supported. We value our clients’ partnerships and want to make sure they have maximum uptime, and no-hassle support when it is critical.



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Our company’s foundation was built on offering industry-leading voice technology solutions, and we continue to trend ahead of the industry in providing the most diverse and cutting-edge voice technology offered in the marketplace. Our remarkably strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Avaya, our community of exceptionally talented engineers and technicians, and our unmatched ability to offer the best solutions with financially flexible options make us a trendsetter in our niche.

Unified Communications

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At the forefront of our voice technology is our unified communications solutions. Twenty-first century technology has expanded, and with it the ability to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. We pack voice, data, and video and combine it with mobility to create a full suite of collaboration tools, software, and technology to ensure your workforce is efficient at the desk, in the field, and from remote miles away. Discover the next level for your company with RealmConnect.


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Voice over Internet technology has closed the gap between voice and data solutions, giving companies more flexibility in their budget to invest purely in their network without much diversity. Meanwhile, the unity of voice and data has brought a greater demand for well-engineered networking to ensure that the full network can handle the load. RealmConnect is here to ensure you remain connected with the globe.


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While RealmConnect specializes in voice and data networking, it also must ensure that your networks are properly secured with network security, visual security, and physical security. Our access control, alarm systems, and video surveillance solutions are customized options available for companies who understand the risks and desire to protect their networks, employees, and assets on their premises.

Intercom and Public Address

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Our sophisticated technology allows us to seamlessly connect your phone system with public address and intercom solutions. Whether you’re needing to make a critical announcement over a wide area paging and intercom system or desire the ability to authenticate visitors at your gate, we offer customized intercom, paging, and public address systems that meet your requirements.

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Intercom Systems for Business

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