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SIP Trunking

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) combines traditional phone connections with Voice over Internet (VoIP), carrying your connection over the internet while maintaining the same capabilities your company enjoys from a traditional phone connection. SIP trunks offer a more flexible solution for companies that have a steady flow of internal and external traffic and require a more sophisticated system to maximize customer experience.

How does it work?

SIP Trunking converts a call from a traditional phone line to digital data by routing it over the internet. It takes a typical land line phone call and translates that into digital data to and transfers it as voice data over the internet. When a caller from a traditional phone line calls your company, SIP trunking uses an SIP trunk provider to convert the call to a digital format. Then it converts the information back to the traditional phone line once it reaches the other person.

Another way of explaining it is in the way it connects users using VoIP. Rather than two people connecting directly via traditional phone methods, it creates a connecting point in the middle. Imagine a scenario where you have two callers, one on the east coast and the other on the west coast. With traditional phone methods, the phone line connects them all the way to where the other person is. With SIP trunking, each user “meets in the middle,” so to speak, converting the call to VoIP for one person and translating it back to traditional methods for the other.

How can it benefit my business?

Drastically reducing costs: In short, SIP Trunking saves you money on telecommunications. Replacing multiple traditional phone lines with SIP VoIP drastically reduces your telephone expenses in most cases. If your business has a steady flow of incoming or outgoing phone sessions, especially long distance, SIP trunking is a fantastic way to save on frequent or long-distance calls.

In addition to this, SIP trunking allows you only to pay money for the lines or channels you need, rather than being locked into the prices of multiple analog lines. You’re also no longer paying for the IT and maintenance that is often included in analog phone pricing.

More Options: Because SIP trunking is Internet-based digital data, your business telephone network suddenly has an open door to many opportunities that traditional phone systems do not have.

International calls: With SIP trunking and VoIP, international calls are suddenly going to be far less costly for your business.

Less downtime: When lines are down, your connection can be rerouted to another line or forwarded to your mobile phone.

Are SIP Trunks really an advantage for your company? RealmConnect offers phone bill analysis to determine if SIP Trunking is a perfect fit for your budget and technology requirements. Call RealmConnect today for a consultation.