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For nearly three decades, the leadership of RealmConnect has provided a breakthrough for companies needing a push in the right direction in their communications infrastructure. While some required a thorough assessment to expose weaknesses, others have required a more sophisticated technology implementation to create more efficiency and production. From growing small and medium businesses to large corporations, hundreds of thousands of companies have turned to industry leading communication companies such as RealmConnect to take them to the next level.

Every company has a unique vision and a general idea of how they want to serve their customers, but most are not maximizing that potential. While many communication companies sell first and serve second, RealmConnect takes a more thorough approach to discover a customized solution that is affordable, efficient, seamless, and provides an instant breakthrough short-term while preparing growing companies for scalability long-term. Our dedicated engineers, technicians, and business communication experts have designed some of the most sophisticated implementations that have catapulted companies to the next level.

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While we certainly respect IT teams and their talent, sometimes it helps to receive third-party wisdom from a corporation that is in the trenches with all sizes of companies in North America. We offer support, design, consulting, network diagramming, and many other services to serve your IT team. Our expertise in designing complex IP telephony networks for voice, data, video, web and call center solutions allow us to create a customized solution that fit the structure of your company.

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Post Warranty Support

Have an existing phone system or network that has reached the end of its manufacturer support? RealmConnect offers post warranty support, maintenance and management of existing equipment to ensure you’re covered. Our post warranty plans are customized based on the size of your system and the level of coverage you desire.

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Application and System Training

After implementing advanced voice and data solutions, there are times when growing companies expand, replace, and modify their teams. New team members sometimes require thorough training on our systems upon being hired. RealmConnect offers application and system training to ensure your staff is maximizing the benefits and features that your system provides.

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Network Modifications

(Moves, Adds, and Changes)

Buildings expand, rearrange, and relocate all the time. With these changes, network modifications typically follow. No matter how small or large your network modification is, our team of engineers and technicians are here to serve you with on-site moves, adds and changes for your networking infrastructure.

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Configuration Support

Our experienced team of network design engineers build complex IP telephony network configurations and solutions to fit even the most advanced solutions. With experience in Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel and Microsoft systems, our designers have integrated hardware and software solutions to implement peak performance networking implementation.

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Network Assessments

Implementing industry-leading VoIP phone systems, wireless access points, switches, and other network gear is great but not without a network assessment provided by RealmConnect. Our network assessments allow our engineers to run thorough tests with many different scenarios that your system may encounter. We can measure efficiency during spike periods, quality of service, data transfer capabilities, loopholes, and even security gaps. Our network assessments offer us the best analytics to make recommendations that cover weaknesses while also testing the gear we have installed upon installation to ensure our programming is sufficient. Sometimes, just a few tweaks in your network configuration can be a breakthrough difference for your company.

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Carrier Network Analysis

With nearly three decades of experience in designing and implementing integrated systems, our substantial engineering expertise allows us to assist customers in evaluating their current network usage. This valuable information enables us to develop new strategies for managing network bandwidth across large, multi-site companies with affordability and quality in mind.

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Phone Bill Analysis

We’ve witnessed thousands of invoices from local service providers all over North America. Our expertise, knowledge and insight of the industry allow us to audit the extensive and often confusing communications invoice that your local service provider sends every month to determine the line item waste of features you are not utilizing. Based on our experience, we can make recommendations to your company on how to lower your monthly invoice while potentially gaining more features.

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Our team of technicians and IT support provide a solid backbone for other voice and data companies all over North America. We provide project management, consulting, ISP support for monitoring and assistance, and an army of high-quality, heavily certified, and experienced technicians when your company needs it. For more information on partnering with RealmConnect, contact our headquarters today.  Learn More

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