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RealmConnect understands the importance of partnering with great companies with talented technicians and engineers. While we have our own nationwide network of talent to assist us when service tickets are pouring in, we are also a common selection for companies who need are seeking a great contractor to provide white label technical services for their customers in the areas that we directly serve.

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On-Site Technicians

Our fleet can offer direct support to a vast portion of North America. When your project requires an on-site technician to perform troubleshooting, installation, training, or project management, we can ensure that your customer is served to our maximum ability.

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On-Site ISP Support for Monitoring, Assistance and Reassurance

As your clients are going through transitions with local service providers, our technicians can be on-site to ensure that the customers needs and expectations are being met. We act as a direct line of communication on-site to inform the client of ETAs as well as ensuring that your networking equipment is ready to go the moment the local service provider has completed their connections.

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Help Desk Support

Companies also outsource to RealmConnect for help desk support both to the customer and for their engineers. With our vast experience and knowledge of Avaya IP Office and most networking components, we can assist in troubleshooting should a challenge arise.

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Communication Consulting

Is there a tremendous opportunity on the table for your company? Don’t pioneer into unknown territory without assistance from RealmConnect. Our talented engineers, project managers and technicians have created and implemented some of the most sophisticated and well-thought network infrastructures in the market on many occasions. Whether it is third party advice on ensuring your proposed network design meets maximum efficiency and going beyond industry standards, or you have general questions, RealmConnect is here to partner with you in your venture.

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Network Assessments

RealmConnect can white label network assessments on your behalf before, during, and after you have implemented the voice and data network solution proposed to your customer. Our network assessments give you reassurance that all dots are connected, are functioning properly, and that the infrastructure meets or exceeds the maximum specifications you desire.

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Carrier Network Analysis

We have reviewed thousands of local service providers and networking companies and have a good grasp on what to expect from a serviceability, quality, and financial standpoint. Often, we are able to navigate through existing invoices and billing structures to discover hidden costs that is a complete waste for your customer. White-label your carrier network analysis to RealmConnect to save your clients more money and hassle.

Looking for a trustworthy and reliable contractor or fleet to serve your valued client? Call RealmConnect today.