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Music and Message on Hold

At some point at different growth stages, growing companies have growing pains. Maintaining the momentum you possess during these times is vital. Your business must ensure that customer experience is maintained or exceeded. At RealmConnect, we are always discovering new strategies to assist our customers in their communications infrastructure to help enhance and solidify collaboration efforts while keeping their customer experience as seamless as possible. One area that we bring to the attention of company executives is how to handle call volume during significant spikes. There are a number of elements we recommend for effective strategies, but one strategy that is very underrated is their on-hold solution. If customers are waiting for the next representative, this is a crucial time to not only soften the wait time but to maximize the time they are there for profitability!

Bringing more efficiency and effectiveness for inbound calls is a must for growing companies. A well-engineered growth plan for your inbound and outbound networking infrastructure ensures that your company is prepared for those significant spikes when they occur. While your representatives are working as diligently as possible to get to the next caller, this is a great time to educate the customer on the latest products and services offered by your company. Some major fast food chains have discovered the effectiveness of message on hold solutions to the point that they run customers through their specials before taking the phone call to implement their to-go order.

“As a consumer yourself, do you enjoy sitting on hold? Music and Message On Hold Solutions with RealmConnect can change the mood and perception of your customers who are patiently waiting for the next available representative.”

On hold music keeps your customers around for longer, easing their frustration and buying your representatives a little more time before taking the next call in the queue. When sitting in silence, every second feels like an eternity when a customer is waiting on hold. Sometimes, your on-hold music or message on hold solution can be the first impression that prospects receive. Your customers and prospects have the opportunity to learn more about your services, current specials, information that could resolve their question by redirecting them to your website, as well as the opportunity to express your gratitude for their patience, all while ensure other customers are assisted in the order the phone calls are received in. In comparison, if the prospect is sitting in silence or listening to dreadful elevator style music, each second that goes by could be the last second you ever get an opportunity with the customer.

“Need a professional voice attendant for your music and message on hold recordings? RealmConnect offers customized solutions that bring your on-hold solution to life.”

Regardless of your current call volume, there are times when customers are placed on hold as a representative discovers the right path or the best answer to a challenging question. Perhaps they are put on hold as the gatekeeper pages a department manager that is currently away from the desk. Regardless of the reason, if there are times when customers or prospects are placed on hold, then an on-hold solution may be the right answer for your company. Call RealmConnect for more information about our music and message on hold options.

Did you know that RealmConnect offers call accounting software and services? Get the analytics you’ve wanted which include spike volume patterns, the total volume of calls per day and per week, the average time that callers remain on hold, and much more. We’ll help you analyze your call patterns to ensure that you’re maximizing your inbound calling structure. Call RealmConnect today