We serve small and medium businesses, enterprises and organizations by implementing personalized innovation and engineering with voice, data, and networking solutions to unlock maximum growth potential with smart, collaborative communication technology and services.

Matching the Short-Term Goals and Long-Term Vision of your Company with Personalized, Innovative Technology Solutions.


Who We Are

Our road to success has been forged by an incredibly talented community of service partners, technology vendors, and talented technicians, engineers, experts who have helped us serve companies all over North America. We currently serve a multitude of entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, corporate executives and people-oriented organizations that deserve the best technology available in the marketplace. We are a solutions-driven community of communication experts with a passion for serving companies who are looking for the antidote to mediocre customer experience.


Leading in Innovation by Personalizing Industry Standards

While implementing a high performance and industry leading technology solution for a growing company can be a major breakthrough for customer experience, there are few solution providers like us that demand the attention to detail, follow through, support, and affordability. At RealmConnect, our internal culture begins with ensuring we are always pioneering new paths for personalized innovation in customer experience. We only partner with vendors, service providers, technicians, and engineers who have a great grasp on the importance of improving the effiency, production, and profitability of the companies we serve. Our experts and advisors offer a customized solution that is a perfect fit for both short-term goals and long-term vision of the leadership for each and every client we work with.

For nearly three decades, RealmConnect, formerly known as SouthTel Communications, has served the Southeastern United States with voice and data solutions. In the last decade, we have made significant progress in emerging into new markets to serve companies all over North America with industry-leading solutions for their communications infrastructure. Our steady transformation has led to our renewed vision, focus, and identity as a leading technology solution and service provider.

Make Customer Experience Your Priority

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