What Makes a VoIP Phone System Better Than a Traditional Phone System?

If you’re looking to install or upgrade a small business phone system, you may wonder how voice over internet protocol (VoIP) will benefit your business and why more businesses are moving to internet telephony. At RealmConnect, we offer hosted VoIP, also known as hosted PBX, which is both more affordable than traditional analog phone systems and includes more business communication tools. VoIP phone systems work by transferring voice data digitally over the internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. Since all of our phone services run through our own servers, businesses save money on up-front equipment costs as well as long-term in-house maintenance and upgrades. Businesses with an on-site private branch exchange (PBX) must not only make a large hardware investment, but they are also responsible for retaining an experienced IT department knowledgeable in business phone systems and handling any upgrades, repairs, or location transfers themselves. Rather than pay exorbitant amounts to install or move individual physical lines with a traditional phone service, hosted VoIP systems also allow businesses to pay more affordable rates for as many virtual lines as they require.


Scalable Phone Systems for Small Business

Our hosted VoIP phone services are designed with network efficiency and scalability in mind, making them the perfect solution for growing small businesses. Adding new users and office locations is as easy as simply connecting another phone to your VoIP network; no complex PBX installations or moves required. You can also add more virtual channels to your existing phone system to accommodate increased call traffic as your business grows. And because we understand business growth means you’ll be hiring new team members, we also offer thorough application and system training to ensure optimum return on your investment.


Big Business Tools, Small Business Price

In today’s fast-paced and evolving business market, traditional phone systems simply can’t meet the ever-growing communication demands. With IP services, small business telephone systems now include features that were previously only available to large businesses. Through our partnership with Avaya, we are able to offer the best business phone software available. Avaya IP Office offers a full range of invaluable communication tools including call recording, messaging, call transfer, music and message on hold, and much more. One of the most powerful features of IP Office, however, is One-X Portal. The mobile freedom allowed by One-X takes small business phone systems in Atlanta to the next level. The One-X Portal web client allows users access to, and control of, their office phone systems through an online dashboard for streamlined communications. Avaya One-X Mobile gives users the power to take their office desk phone with them by using the same number on a mobile device, increasing productivity and efficiency on the go. The mobility enabled by One-X works effectively with tools like call accounting and auto attendant to greatly improve customer satisfaction with your business communication services.

At RealmConnect, we not only provide hosted VoIP services, but we also offer network modifications, IP phones to meet all your communication needs, wireless access point setup, and more. For more information on the business phone systems Atlanta companies rely on, contact us for a consultation and discover what we can do for your business.