Unified Communications for Collective Success

At RealmConnect, we specialize in providing cutting-edge communication solutions for businesses both small and large. Our flexible business phone systems include a wide variety of software and hardware to meet the needs of your business. Our partnership with Avaya allows us to provide a full range of advanced business phone features as well as industry-leading hardware to optimize your telecommunication capabilities.


Cut Costs and Grow Your Business

Growing businesses often find that traditional phone systems are more costly than internet-based communications systems over time and lack the innovative features that take businesses to the next level. RealmConnect offers both hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking which provide unified voice and data services. Incoming calls are converted from analog phone data into digital voice packets delivered through an internet connection, cutting out the need for multiple traditional phone lines. With our hosted VoIP systems, businesses save money on up-front on-site equipment costs, routine maintenance, and infrastructure upgrades as the business grows.

When it comes to managing your VoIP phone system, Avaya offers a full suite of tools and features through Avaya IP Office. The intuitive web client Avaya One-X Portal allows users to make and receive phone calls, send messages, access voicemail, transfer calls, and much more from a single screen. Avaya also offers maximum mobility with Avaya One-X Mobile, allowing users to make calls using their office desk phone number from any location on a mobile device.


Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Depending on call volume and communication requirements, businesses may benefit enormously from interactive voice response, call recording, auto attendant, and a number of our other voice solutions. Any combination of these services creates a streamlined communications system that saves money, increases productivity, and improves customer service. Call accounting specifically allows you to track call data and measure advanced analytics for a better understanding of any existing or potential communication issues. Small businesses benefit from having access to a host of these traditionally big business features at an affordable price and with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Avaya’s feature-rich IP phones and SIP phones complement Avaya’s business phone software and come in a range of models from standard desk phones to all-in-one voice and video media stations. We also offer long range cordless phones from EnGenius perfect for construction and development sites, warehouses, multi-level businesses, and expansive business centers. These durable phones were designed to be long-lasting and provide reliable communication on the go.


A Solid Foundation for Lasting Support

In addition to internet phone solutions, we also offer network modification services and system training for businesses. If your business needs a full infrastructure installation, or even just an upgrade or modification to the current network for the best VoIP phone experience, our highly-qualified engineers and technicians at RealmConnect can handle the job. All of our cabling is professionally installed with network efficiency and scalability in mind. As your business grows over time, new users may require training on your small business phone system. We provide everything your team needs to become proficient with your full suite of tools and features.

Although RealmConnect has provided services in the Southeast for over three decades, business entities across the country can benefit from our solutions in VoIP Atlanta entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses of all sizes have used to achieve success. Give us a call today for a free consultation and take the first step toward communication success.